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    📟 Get your one-time code

    As with reMarkable desktop's app, you need to allow your reMarkable account to receive documents from this platform.

    To do that, you need to copy your one-time code and paste it below:

    The one-time code does not have the correct format (8 characters).

    And please, enter an email address (gmail, hotmail...) so that you can create your account in the future to manage your subscriptions:

    You have to enter a correct email address.

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    📬 Choose your e-mail account

    You'll get an email address that you can use to subscribe to newsletters or to forward emails from the newsletters you are already subscribed to.

    Those emails will go straight to your reMarkable as a PDF.
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    🎉 All done


    You can use your new email address to subscribe to newsletters!